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Freedom begins in the mind

The F.A.Z. stands for intelligent, in-depth analysis and stimulating articles. Brands not only benefit from the excellent reach among decision makers and influential high-income target groups - they also benefit from a high intensity of reading and a large proportion of subscribers. The F.A.Z. is one of the most renowned brands in the world.

The F.A.Z. is synonymous with independent quality journalism, founded to defend freedom. From Monday through Sunday, the nation’s newspaper reports the news from different perspectives. It places current events and developments realistically in their greater contexts, reveals controversial viewpoints and initiates debate.

The F.A.Z. compels the top performers in our society. Particularly people in decision-making positions have to act independently, and they appreciate intelligent impulses to help them form their own opinions. For these people, freedom begins in the mind. That’s why they read the F.A.Z. According to the Capital-F.A.Z. top leadership panel, it is the No. 1 and thus required reading at the highest levels of ministries, executive boards, and official authorities.

The F.A.Z. makes brand communication more effective, as proven by a study conducted by Quality Alliance 2018: Ads in quality environments are rated more positively, meaning for instance that they are perceived to be more credible and respectable. The effectiveness of advertising is further augmented by the individual solutions developed by F.A.Z. Media Solutions. Whether storytelling 4.0 or extensive content marketing campaigns: The F.A.Z. guarantees brands sustainable successful communication.